I don’t need to look at my memories to know what I was doing last year this dAy or the year before and def not three years ago ..I have to Admit it took me off guard this year .. I thought the pain the aching of wanting to be with you one more time had just about all gone … Until that is, I looked at my memories .Then there were tears. Uncontrollable tears and it felt like it was happening all over agAin ..Getting everybody prepared being strong for everybody where all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and cry . and cry I did today like the morning of …  

Where I didn’t want to get out of bed ,where I didn’t want to be strong I didn’t want to say good bye ,but I did it anyway . I will never have a bond with some one like I did with you .I have become a stronger person because of you I have learned unconditional love because of you .Forever missing you ..The mother of the man I was loved the grandmother to the baby I adore and my keeper of secrets till death reunites us .Happy anniversary in heaven my friend Emily  


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