Lazy Sunday 

Lazy Sunday afternoon at my haven..  After venting about wanting to have me time and get things done at my penthouse (my apartment ) I chose to be with the beau and I’m glad I did..  Sometimes you just have to say AFI awe fuck it .I made more memories with the beau then if I had stayed   home and cleaned  .. you know clean the apartment that know one visits anyway   ..The mess will still be there

I chose to go earlier  to the beau ‘s house then I was going to , I cooked I socialized I felt happy and in the end that’s all we want right to be happy .

So this weekend thou it started off rough it  ended good .. This relationship thing is hard especially after not dating for so long .Where I got to go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted and thou I can still do that having the beau in my life has changed things because now I have things to do with someone else besides myself or my girlfriends .I just have to learn how to manage both .and I think the beau is getting where I’m coming from . Hence the beau’s last words “thanks for everything sorry I kept you so late I know you wanted to be home early ” He gets it he appreciates me awe. Feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy lol 


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