what a difference a year makes 

Aww breaking up is so hard to do .weather it be with your boyfriend your friend With benefits or my favorite your personal Trainer lol ……I get that I’m not the most coordinated person .but I got flat feet nothing u will make me do will change that … And no don’t call me next week the answer will still be the same …can we please move on cause I’m gaining weight by the minute lol

Its been a year since I’ve decided to move on .change is hard getting out of your. Comfort zone and not knowing what’s next even harder . Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and say you want more you deserve more ..So glad I decided to take that big step . One year later down 13 pounds and a couple of inches later .love the fact that everyday is unknown and I can see the change . Thanks to my beast of trainers the mighty duo from Anything Goes Fitness Jolene Elizabeth Telesco and David Telesco. So change is definitely good


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