Prep time 

Evening at the penthouse ..where after hanging out with  the beau and cooking for him and getting him prepared with food and snacks for tomorrow’s work day and of course having some wine with no dinner .I now sit on my couch wanting to do everything I did for the beau for me but lacking any energy to do it with . 

So once again the penthouse will go with out getting cleaned snacks and lunch for tomorrow will get done tomorrow in the rush of the morning .. cause apparently I work better under pressure 


Whats living proof that life is too short, looking at the obituary of someone you just literally hung out with . Its scary, one day your on the phone with them , the next your  reliving the last time you were with them . Had I known this was our last encouter would I have done things differently . I Will never know now will I ..

Lessoned learned dont take life for granted. Dont hold on to grudges forgive often and laugh alot. Give that hug that kiss and dont forget to say I love you because you never know what tomoorow will bring .

Neighborhood bar 

Wednesday nite at my favorite neighborhood bar . Time away from the beau because sometimes you just need time alone .even thou I’m here thinking of him .  Waiting on my peeps to show as I watch the waiter  pass by me and totally ignore me should not of told him I was wating on people …I’ve been away for a while but feel like I never left , the regulars are all still here singing their tunes . In their eyes they sound great .good for  them that their that confidant lol .So the waiter finally looks my way and winks and yeah I just smile back .Im such a wimp lol ..Oh. Wait the waitress come up and ask ready to order snd I say yes guess the other wAiter was just being sweet lol love my neighborhood bar 

Morning coffee in the penthouse ..Where its manic Friday after being up all nite . Stuffy nose and coughing . Hope this isn’t what my day is going to consist of . Because hoy is vienes social aka its friday and we will be drinking. For now running around like a chicken without a head thou my body seems like its going in slow motion. Looking at the stove and wondering do I have time for breakfast cause lord knows I need to make time for my coffee, nothing like drinking some Spanish coffee to wake you up .

Driving to work and multi tasking putting make up on looking for that Mary Kay smile and praying for no red lights or cops. Thank God for good co-workers who got me breakfast, just five minutes late and its slow so I get to enjoy the sandwich and coffee and take a few minutes to compose myself TGIF my peeps

This just happened. .Rushing to the gym I forgot the sneakers ugh .but this didn’t stop the trainer yup she let me use hers .. That’s the kind of trainer everyone should have she literally takes off her shoes  for  her clients .. ok she had a extra pair lol. But that’s the kind of person she is .She gives a 100% she expects the same from you .So i guess I should put the crackers away  ,off to bed I go sweet dreams my peeps 

Me time 

Nine thirty and the princess is in bed quiet time for me, because I haven’t had that in awhile . I just came from my mary Kay lady tonite, there was no trainer and no spending  time with the beau .It was all about spending much needed me time buying and trying out new makeup ..

Love my mary Kay consultant and payment plan.  I apparently had not gotten anything in awhile , I definitely made up for it tonite . I feel like a kid in a candy store but will have to wait till some other time to play make up off to bed I go .sweet dreams my peeps 

Snow ball affect

Morning coffee in the penthouse…Looking back on why I started blogging .As always its all about the kid lol  weather he likes it or not .. He kept telling me and still continues to do so…mom   stop putting my stuff our there .  So after this it will be all about me but for now its about the kid one last time.

Big weekend for us, the kid has finally graduated !! Proud momma here thou he’s like what ever ..After listening to the speech that one of his classmates gave I think he got a little better understanding of were I’m  coming from .The snow ball affect, this kid went to college for this but listening to students about this and that he experienced the snow ball affect and switched majors.  So is it with the kid he experience the snow ball affect with one of our cousins who had  a promising career with baseball until  he blew his shoulder .  He came home and after a year or so of depression over his lost dream he moved forward and gave back to the community my son included ..He opened up a facility were kids could learn from his mistakes and play ball correctly he also taught them to do the right thing that its not all about  playing its about getting a education ..

The kid had no interest in playing ball prior to having heard all about my cousin, Spanish lighting as they use to call him.  Then it was all about Manolo this Manolo that, Manolo went to this school that’s where I want to go . Here is  where my struggles began …Single parent in a nice neighborhood raising a child pretty much on my own . Education was the last thing on my exes mind, his words he’s  not book smart he better learn a trade. The kid wanted to go Saint Joes a very nice and expensive catholic school ..

Fast forward four years walking away from the house because I couldn’t do both mortgage and the education that my son wanted at St Joes.  In my defense the kid had only known catholic schools because of where we lived we thought it would be safer for him to go there instead of one of the public schools ..So all he ever knew was catholic education. Only child that he is I  gave in because I knew he would do some much better in the environment that he had been accustomed to .Moved  into a attic apartment (my Penthouse) in my parents house not in the best neighborhood but the kid was going to St. Joes .

Four years of struggles but we survived he flourished as a student and as a person. Having dinner after the ceremony and talking about the speech, the kid mentioned how he had also had the snow ball affect ,,had my cousin not hurt his shoulder and come back home my son would not have played ball would not have experience what it was to play for a team would not have wanted to go to St. Joes  where on top of a great education made some real good friends who continue to be his friends now .

You wonder had not all this happened with our cousin with our moving  would he not   had strived to go to a great school like St. Joes then to another great school  UCONN. were he excelled more and more as the years went by.

Don’t get me wrong a kid is  going to do what he’s going to do if he wants it bad enough .  I’m just saying that things happen for a reason when you least expect it . So grateful for this snow ball affect .